150 years of PORR.

We shape the future.

Travel with us through time and learn more about the milestones in our company history.


16 March 1869

The present-day PORR Group began its business activities on 16 March 1869: This was the day when the foundation of the Allgemeine Österreichische Baugesellschaft was officially approved. The company was first listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange on 8 April 1869. The rapid progress being made in the field of reinforced concrete construction led to the foundation of a new company, A. Porr Betonbau-Unternehmung, in 1908. Co-founder Arthur Porr was a civil engineer and steel construction pioneer. As one of the leading specialists of his time, he completely revolutionised the field of reinforced concrete construction.

Technical Museum

The Vienna Technical Museum was one of the first representative reinforced concrete buildings in Austria.


High Alpine Road

Building the Grossglockner High Alpine Road was a monumental construction project that began in 1930, with works taking place in largely undeveloped areas at altitudes of up to 2,600 metres.


In the 1930s, architecture was becoming increasingly daring. Architects were creating very plain and unadorned designs. The best example of this was the building known as the “Porrhaus” on the corner of Operngasse/Karlsplatz.


Vienna Ringturm

One of PORR’s most important projects still towers over many of the city’s roofs today: the Ringturm. Its 21 floors, a spectacular number at the time, made it the second highest building in Vienna, after St. Stephen’s Cathedral.


power station

The use of the Danube as an energy supplier kept PORR busy for many years, whether at the Ybbs-Persenbeug power station or the Wallsee-Mitterkirchen power station.


Vienna U-Bahn

From 1973 onwards, PORR was involved in the construction of the Vienna metro network. This monumental construction project required state-of-the-art technology, incredible precision and the best engineers in the country.


The Ortner-Strauss syndicate

In autumn 2010, at the request of Klaus Ortner, successful real estate developer Karl-Heinz Strauss was appointed the new CEO of PORR. Over the next few years, he and Klaus Ortner jointly acquired the majority of shares and turned PORR into an entrepreneurial, listed company. As a stable core shareholder, the Ortner-Strauss syndicate guarantees continuity in all strategic decisions.


Doha Green Line

With a total volume of 1.9 billion euros, the construction of the Green Line metro in Doha was, at the time, the largest contract in the history of PORR.


Harpe Bridge

The Harpe Bridge, 320 metres long and located near the town of Harpefoss, is part of the E6, which is in turn part of the international E-road network. The “harp” is a “truncated” cable-stayed bridge with two pylons. In terms of construction technique, it is the only one of its kind in Scandinavia.

Sapphire by Daniel Libeskind, Porr Deutschland GmbH


Sapphire Libeskind

Sapphire by Daniel Libeskind, Porr Deutschland GmbH

The Sapphire building designed by architect Daniel Libeskind is unique in its form and style. 78 condominiums as well as commercial space and a basement form the areas of use for this futuristic building.


Baloise Park

In the heart of Basle, PORR is building the new corporate headquarters for Baloise, one of Switzerland’s largest insurance companies. Baloise Park consists of three buildings, each of them with a very different design, and this diversity contributes to the very impressive overall visual effect.

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