Civil engineering

High demands in civil engineering provide
a secure basis.

Intelligent construction projects, that inspire.

Civil engineering

We build what everyone needs.

You don’t always see our civil engineering projects, but you do appreciate their efficiency.

Wherever people live together – be it in cities or in the countryside – our services help make their lives more pleasant.

  • Specialist civil engineering
  • Structural engineering
  • Road construction
  • Hydraulic engineering, construction of sewerage systems and pipelines

Pergamon Museum

Berlin . Germany

U2 extension in Vienna

Vienna . Austria

Prater junction reconstruction

Vienna . Austria

Bekkelaget waste water treatment plant

Oslo . Norway

of new Inn Bridge

Terfens . Austria

S8 motorway expansion

Poręba – Ostrow . Poland

Sebeş – Turda
A10 motorway

Alba and Cluj County . Romania

Făget waste water treatment plant

Făget . Romania

Wolfsberg flood protection

Wolfsberg . Austria

Lower Salzach renovation

Oberndorf . Austria

Humber Crossing

East Yorkshire . Great Britain

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