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We plan for the highest standards.

The next generation of general planning: multi-engineering. With our long-standing experience in the traditional planning trades and a visionary take on the future, we stand for more than just general planning.

We always view a project throughout its entire life cycle instead of over just one single performance phase. In doing so, we maintain close communications with the teams of experts responsible for the upstream and downstream phases, thus creating the best conditions for the creation and life cycle of a property.

General planning.

We believe that next level general planning entails interdisciplinary collaboration between the specialist planning divisions. At the heart of this method is the digital building model created using BIM, which accompanies the project through all work phases from creation to use.

Streamlined planning and cooperative partnership via closely coordinated teams are part of the stable structure of general planning at PORR Design & Engineering. We develop buildable solutions for demanding, large-scale projects, take on responsibility for the entire planning process and, if desired, coordinate and supervise the construction phase as well. Our work is facilitated by our long-standing experience in planning and construction and our knowledge of the market, especially in the field of building construction.


One of PORR’s greatest strengths is its pioneering spirit. LEAN Design, LEAN Construction and Building Information Modelling (BIM) allow us to work faster and be more productive and creative along the entire value-creation chain. 

BIM is revolutionising the building trade. With BIM, we create a consistent data model of the building that maps all the technical planning steps and the construction phases and sections – from planning and cost estimation to construction and interior finishing, through to building operations throughout the building’s entire life cycle. This digital model contains all information such as floor plans, sections, charts, evaluations, photos and videos. The three-dimensional geometry becomes 5D by adding time and cost dimensions.



BMW Freimann

The combination of BIM and LEAN Management creates an optimal project management approach. BIM facilitates communication between all parties involved, and this supports LEAN Management in streamlining processes at all stages of planning and construction and thus makes project management more efficient and cost-effective. Above all, LEAN methods promote transparency and efficiency throughout the process.

Munich . Germany


We aim to structure the planning, construction and operation of buildings in such a way as to maintain their economic, ecological and socio-cultural sustainability throughout their entire life cycle. To this end, we optimise the sustainability performance of buildings.

PORR Design & Engineering plans in line with recognised building guidelines and is proactively involved in the continued development of leading building certification systems. We have been selected by the German Green Building Association (GGBA) as one of five companies to transfer the US LEED system to German-speaking countries. We also played a significant role in developing the ÖGNI (Austrian Sustainable Building Council) 2017 core system for the building types office, hotel, residential, production and logistics. The leading global certification system BREEAM was adapted for Germany, Austria and Switzerland by PORR Design & Engineering.


PORR branch office

The PORR branch office for Carinthia and East Tyrol meets the highest standards of energy efficiency. For example, it has highly efficient LED lighting with daylight-guided control and presence detection, as well as electric charging stations. The building in Klagenfurt was awarded the DGNB platinum certificate and declared an “Energy-Plus House”.

Klagenfurt . Austria

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