Environmental engineering

Years of experience in environmental engineering for a better quality of life.

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Environmental engineering

We help keep things clean.

Waste and its disposal, treatment and recycling are some of the greatest challenges facing any municipality.

In the field of environmental engineering, our projects try to meet the current challenges, such as growing population numbers and increasing consumption, in order to maintain the ecological balance.

  • Demolition/dismantling
  • Assessment, decontamination and remediation of contaminated sites
  • Waste management, landfill and mining
  • Earthworks and sewerage systems
  • Environmental laboratory and geothermal energy

Vienna Südbahnhof

Demolition and waste separation

Vienna . Austria

Grünhübl Bridge

Judenburg . Austria

Voitsberg power station

Voitsberg . Austria

Remediation site K20

Brückl . Austria

Remediation site K22 Neuner leather factory

Klagenfurt . Austria

Voest coking plant remediation

Linz . Austria

Dolomite mining

Wellen . Germany

Pirka recycling plant

Pirka . Austria

Himberg Recycling Centre

Himberg . Austria

Helmholtz Zentrum

Munich . Germany

Sebeș–Turda earthworks

Alba and Cluj County . Romania

Geothermal energy

PORR Linz branch . Austria

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