People at PORR

Building is a

people business.

PORR sees itself as a family
in which equal rights and appreciation
are of primary importance.

Building is a people business.

Top performance in the construction business requires a highly motivated, superbly-trained team representing a variety of disciplines. PORR’s success is based substantially on the contributions of each individual employee.

The people who work at PORR are as diverse as the construction business itself. As a dynamic, innovative and internationally oriented company, PORR views diversity as a great opportunity and an essential part of its corporate culture. PORR unites women and men from a variety of different age groups, more than 70 different countries, and with different religions, all working to achieve one shared goal: to connect people through intelligent building. Both during execution and future use.


PORR as an employer.

Offices and workplaces provide an environment that promotes transparency, communication and efficiency.

Career prospects.

PORR offers exciting career opportunities and uses targeted initiatives to increase the proportion of women in the company.

As well as offering an attractive working environment for all employees, PORR also promotes individual careers. Everyone is given opportunities to further his or her education, ranging from practice-based seminars on operational topics to personal development opportunities in the areas of social and leadership skills.

New entries.

All new PORR employees are mentored by experienced colleagues who offer advice and assistance to help ensure rapid orientation and integration.

We care for you.

From sporting activities to occupational health checks and courses on healthy nutrition to targeted sponsoring.

The five
PORR principles. 

The five principles form the common corporate culture of PORR, and are the basis of the Home of Construction.

The PORRians are of course united by a passion for building. For 150 years they have been deomonstrating pioneering spirit and are always one step ahead. They master challenges and find the best solutions shoulder to shoulder with their colleagues, customers and all project participants. Mutual appreciation is important to them. And they have a common basis on which to act: Reliability. But there is more behind these five principles. What they mean is made clear by three interpretations each.


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